There are most difficult questions for students completed their 10th standard.             
1. Now which subject he is going to stand           with for higher education. 
2. Which coaching or instutes do you want       to prefer now for that choosen subject.
3. This is the last but sometimes easy about        reasons why they think it would be                better for them.

People almost say do in that way where you have faith with no doubt. Sometimes we find the start was excellent showing getting opportunities for much more things for making your work ironically spicy and then it looks everything getting impossible with passing of days. 

Many peoples get frustrated and leave that work thinking to others but these guys never succeed as there is problems in every and everything. If would not happen then it would be just a fun and if it was possible then we found all the persons around us  are as  BILL GATES   & DHIRUBHAI AMBANI &DILIP SANGHVI.

So guys all I want to say is no one is excellent nor fade minded (back benchers).
Everyone are super talented and can called genious when they practices and provide exercises to their brains. 
And they have to be honest and determined towards their aim and of course  they will achieve thier goals.

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